Hyundai 2231141000

a successful replacement of 2231141000, crankshaft for Hyundai car.


Engine Type : 4D31                 

P/N of Engine: 2310041001     

crankshaft P/N : 2231141000    
crankshaft hyundai D4DE, D4AF, 4D31, mighty 2310041001  4 cyl material EN19, 
steel type:   42cr Mo4, 
Main dia meter: inside 78,  
Pin dia:  inside 60mm
Throw:  52.5

A usual and trusted item in EREAUTOS,an important requirement  Crankshaft & Rod part,welcome to order this one and the others (Wiper Blade,Diverse Hoses), 

 customized crankshaft on GB high standard, strong and durable,  there is good price and immediate shipment most time of a year, welcome to buy and sell it for us.



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